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Cemtery In Magna Utah
  Pleasant Green Scenery
Photography By Oscar J. Aguilar


Located in the hills above Magna, Utah, this historic and unique cemetery offers families the opportunity to be memorialized according to their own wishes. Families are not restricted as they are in many other cemeteries to the types of monuments they can create for their deceased loved ones. This has lead to the establishment of a wonderful variety of monuments.

Overlooking the Salt Lake Valley, and the Great Salt Lake, where nature lends its beautiful sunsets, crisp blue skies, and rocky landscapes, creating a unique burial setting unlike anything you will find anywhere else. Wild flowers bloom, deer wander by, and quiet breezes blow. A peaceful and holy place.

Many families create and maintain their own family plots. These mini-cemeteries within a cemetery each have a unique style and personality. Whether new, or 130 years old, these family plots allow several generations of the same family to be buried together. Some of these have been walled off, or fenced in by individual families. Others are left open. Each standing as a memorial to those family members deceased and living.

A Totally Unique Resting Place
At Pleasant Green Cemetery you have the freedom to create the type of memorial that you want. A place where the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, and where your entire family can be buried together, side by side. For this reason, we believe that there is no where like it.

Project: A New Spring

Project: A New Spring...
An absolute success! We are excited with the results that this project has produced. Our historic pioneer cemetery is looking better than it has in many decades. Our next event will take place on October 13th, 2012. We will be planting 600 bulbs, which will blossom in the springtime. Click Here To Read More

Project: Moving Foward - Pleasant Green Cemetery


Project: Moving Forward...
As Project: A New Spring winds down, we are beginning to ramp up the next phase in our cemetery management plans. Project: A New Spring will continue where Project: A New Spring leaves off, and lead us forward for the next five years. Click Here To Read More

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