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  Management of Our Cemetery...

The Pleasant Green Cemetery Preservation And Development Association is governed by a board of trustees. The first President of the Board was Kent Goble. Mr. Goble served faithfully for 28 years, giving many thousands of volunteer hours to the furthering of the Cemetery's goals.

The current President of the Board of Trustees is Hiram Bertoch. The Board of Trustees is selected in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation as per the LDS Church's original guidelines (to read about the LDS Church's original involvment in the cemetery click here). The wisdom of these, being evident in the manner that they eliminate politics or personal agendas from playing any role in the business of the Cemetery.

The Board is selected by existing board members. No one can serve on the board without being invited by the board to do so. This appointment must be voted on by existing member in a regular board meeting.

Board members are sought from time to time from among those families who have a vested interest in the Cemetery. Such families as have multiple generations buried on the cemetery's sacred grounds, and who appreciate the legacy and character of the Cemetery.

Solicitations to serve on the board are not accepted. When a position on the board becomes available, someone is invited to fill it based on those who are actively involved, and who are known to not be seeking the position, but who are also known to be dependable in holding to the sacred trust of the Cemetery non-profit.

In order to protect the cemetery from conflicts of interest, no board member shall at anytime be employed by, partner in, or owner of any business or organization that is in any way associated with the death industry. This includes, but is not limited to mortuaries, funeral homes, casket manufacturing and sales, etc.

Board members are not allowed to receive payment for their service as a board member or trustee. However, they are not barred from being paid a fair price or wage for other services provided.

Cemetery management will do all in their power to protect the cemetery from being acquired by any outside firms or private entities.

This policy and wisdom as set forth by inspired leaders insures that the cemetery remains independent from those who would use it for commercial purposes.

A copy of the cemetery bylaws are available here


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