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  Project: Moving Foward - Pleasant Green Cemetery

Taking Place Between The Spring of 2014 And The Autumn of 2019

This project was announced on September 9th, 2012 by Pleasant Green Cemetery Sexton Hiram Bertoch. It has been in development for more than a year, and is the folllow-up plan to our very successful Project: A New Spring.


Project: A New Spring
Our historic cemetery has a very special heritage and legacy. It is a serene sort of place, that has been left untouched by the modern world.

In many ways it has been a place of beauty and peace. However, there were areas that the cemetery board determined needed to be addressed and repaired.

To that end, it was announced in the Summer of 2011 that the cemetery would be embarking on what was called Project: A New Spring. This project focused on the most important and most critical improvements, including trimming trees, leveling the ground, killing back old vegetation, extending water, planting new flowers, planting new trees, painting, and a variety of other lessor projects.

We are pleased to report that Project: A New Spring has been a roaring success. But we are not done.

Even as this project was just beginning, we were already planning for the steps we would take afterwards to continue improving the cemetery. Working with UVSU, Utah State officials, and horticultural experts, we have developed a five year plan that will direct our efforts through the end of 2019. We call this plan Project: Moving Forward.

Extend Water To All Parts of The Cemetery
Currently, only about 25% of the cemetery has access to water. Having any water is a great improvement over the past. After nearly a century without water, it was added in just the last 18 months. We will be working to extend water coverage to the remaining 75% of the cemetery. This will be critical as we add many more flower beds around the grounds.

In addition we will be installing a pump, in order to improve water pressure.

Close All East/West Roads (Except The Outer loop)
These little east/west roads are usually only 10 or 20 feet long. It is our experience that drivers often inadvertently cut across the fields as they attempt to make these sharp turns. Closing these cross streets will help to protect those graves that lie nearby.

We realize that some will have strong feelings regarding this decision. And we appreciate the concerns that have been raised. However we believe that the need to protect the graves near these turns outweighs the small inconvenience that is created from having to drive to the end of a street before coming around a corner.

Add Brick Flower Bed End caps Between All Streets
The first of these actually went into place as apart of Project: A New Spring. Similarly designed flower beds will be placed at the north and south end of every field, wrapping between streets. These end caps will serve two very important purposes.

Kids Working In Pleasant Green Cemetery

Firstly they will help to protect nearby graves from car traffic. Secondly, they will create a beautiful vista, that blends the natural vegetation that our cemetery features with a more cared for look. The natural vegetation will still be our heritage. But it will be mixed with thousands of flowers in these flower beds.

Plant 4,200 bulbs
As apart of Project: A New Spring, we are planting the first 600 bulbs. Over the course of the next five years we will plant a total of 4,200 bulbs. A mixture of early spring through mid-summer bulbs will be selected by a licensed horticulturist. These will be planted in our many new flower beds, adding color and further accentuating the beauty of our cemetery.

Plant 50 Trees
Having water throughout the cemetery not only allows us to plant flowers, but it also allows us to plant trees. We will be planting 50 trees, down the main road, and along the outer loop. These will be watered, trimmed, and maintained under the direction of a licensed horticulturist.

Plant Wildflowers Throughout The Cemetery
As apart of Project: A New Spring, we killed back the old vegetation, and spread wildflower seeds. This effort will continue, as we work to promote their growth.

Zeroscaping Along The Main Roads
We will be zeroscaping along the sides of many of the roads in the cemetery. This will not only add beauty but also create a buffer from cars, protecting the nearby graves.

Restore Forgotten Graves
We will be working with scout troops, eagle projects, and other volunteers to identify and restore forgotten graves and family plots. We will not be working on any family graves that are currently maintained. Nor will we work on any that are recently forgotten. Our efforts will focus on those plots and graves that have been neglected for many decades. We will be restoring headstones, fixing borders, mending fences, and clearing weeds.

Improve Roads
Over the years, many of our roads have wandered from their original locations. In some places this is very evident. We will be working to straighten and improve roads, back to their original locations.

Create Five Memorial Gardens Around The Outer Loop
Around the outer edge of our cemetery, between the outer loop road, and the outer fence lies an area of ground that is between 10 feet - 25 feet wide, depending on where you are. This strip of land encircles the entire cemetery, and at present is mostly uncared for.

We will be sectioning this land off into five distinct memorial gardens. Each garden will have a unique design and character.

A pathway will meander through each garden, which will be lined with benches, trees, bushes, and other features to beautify the edge of our cemetery. It will be a place where families and individuals can enjoy a peaceful walk around the cemetery.

Each of these five gardens will be named after an individual or family. "The John Smith Memorial Garden" or similar. These gardens will be built using donation funds. The individual donating the funds will be given the opportunity to name the garden.

Cremation burials will be allowed in these gardens for a very low cost. Funds from these burials will be placed into a perpetual care fund for the cemetery.


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