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  A New Spring In Pleasant Green Cemetery

Taking Place Between The Autumn of 2011 And The Autumn of 2013

Following this project will be the newly announced Project: Moving Forward which will continue from the Spring of 2014 through the autumn of 2019.


Project: A New Spring
Our unique cemetery has stood for more than 130 years, unaltered. both Natural, and Beautiful. We are dedicated to maintaining this legacy.

In order to insure that this pioneer ambiance is maintained and the natural beauty of our cemetery propagated, we are instituting this project. Which will revitalize and preserve the sacred cemetery grounds.
Every part of this project will be focused on restoring, and not altering the cemetery heritage.

Phase I - Prescribed Burn, Repaint...
For decades upon decades, our little cemetery has stood protected from wild fire. This is overall a very good thing. However this safety does come with some unwelcome side effects. Throughout the years, noxious weeds, briars, thistles, and other hardy weeds have been able to take root. They have choked out the original wild vegetation that our pioneer forefathers cherished.

A walk through the cemetery today requires caution. In order to avoid being stuck by thistles, one must wear hardy shoes. The beautiful wild flowers that once grew on our hill, can no longer compete for space.

In nature, wild fires consume these hardy weeds every few decades. This insures that more tender species can compete. Our grounds have not experienced fire for many many decades. In order to allow the more tender vegetation to return, we must first eliminate its competition.

In the fall of 2011 we will be working with the Fire Department to burn away and eliminate both plant and seed. For a short time, this will make our cemetery look barren, but it is necessary in order to then move forward.
UPDATE: The Prescribed burn was replaced by chemical treatment. The spring of 2011 proved to be too wet to burn, while 2012 has been too dry to burn. So as to not delay our plan, we instead hired TruGreen to spray back the vegetation. This has resulted in 90% of the goatheads and other noxious weeds being killed. There are still some up there, which we have volunteers gathering by hand.

Phase II - Tilling / Leveling, Surveying / Marking...
Phase II will begin in the Spring of 2012. By this time, most of the ash from our burn will have been carried into the ground by the winter snow melt. Whatever is remaining will be tilled. We will carefully till all the cemetery grounds (excepting family plots). We will then level the ground, and remove larger rocks, etc from the surface.

We will be working with a surveyor, who will be adding signs and designations in each section of the Cemetery so that it is easier for the public to locate graves.

UPDATE: This phase has been a roaring success. We have had volunteers working all summer to gather rocks, level the grounds, add flower beds, remove weeds, extending water lines, and working on a variety of other projects.

Phase III - A New Spring...
In the Spring of 2013 we will then plant new, natural vegetation and trees. We are working with USU to identify plant species that will do well in our area. We will restore many of the original wild flowers that once bloomed in our cemetery, as well as other tender plants that have been driven out by more aggressive growth.

By the end of 2013 our beautiful cemetery will blossom again as it once did.
Please pardon our dust as we bring this plan to fruition.

Understand that we must take a few steps backward so that we can then move forward. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Cemetery Board of Trustees.

2014 And Beyond...
Our Project: A New Spring was designed by our Sexton, Hiram Bertoch, working in conjunction with UVSU and the Cemetery Board of Directors to address the most critical areas in our cemetery that needed to be tackled, in order to restore the cemetery.

This project is not the final step, in this rehabilitation, but instead is the first. It lays the ground work by accomplishing the most critical tasks, so that we can move the cemetery forward. By the spring of 2013 there will be water to many parts of the cemetery, as well as new flower beds, level & rock free ground, fresh paint, and many other improvements.

In September 2012 Hiram Bertoch announced that the Board of Directors has approved the next step, which is a five year plan known as Project: Moving Forward. This five year plan will build on the work done during Project: A New Spring. Several new flower beds will be added, containing many thousands of bulbs, water will be extended to the remainder of the cemetery, a pump will be added to the water system to increase pressure, roads will be improved, more than 50 trees will be planted, and zeroscaping will be added to many parts of the cemetery.

Project: Moving Foward - Pleasant Green Cemetery

Project: A New Spring In Pictures
A few images from our Project: A New Spring. More than 300 volunteers helped in this historical and monumental effort. To each of them, we say THANK YOU!!

Pleasant Green Cemetery Improvements

Kids Working In Pleasant Green Cemetery

Board Member Judy Bertoch Working On Project: A New Spring

Hank Bertoch Volunteering - Pleasant Green Cemetery

Letters for Project: A New Spring

Judy Bertoch Volunteering - Pleasant Green Cemetery

Judy Bertoch Laying Letters - Pleasant Green Cemetery

Young Man Volunteerng - Pleasant Green Cemetery

Youth Working At Pleasant Green Cemetery

New Flower Bed - Pleasant Green Cemetery

Planting bulbs in the Pleasant Green Cemetery

Planting Bulbs

Pleasant Green Cemtery Volunteers


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