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Cemtery In Magna Utah
  Our Beautiful Cemtery
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The Pleasant Green Cemetery in Magna, Utah is one of the most unique and beautiful burial locations anywhere. Stunning scenery, undisturbed by mankind, a place where nature's pureness is left unaltered as much as possible.

Protecting Our Heritage
The pioneers who founded this cemetery had a unique vision. They wanted to create a place where they could rest among nature's beauty, alongside other family members. Everything we do is designed to protect this legacy. Our board works tirelessly to insure that the sacred character of these grounds continues unaltered.

Family Plots / Mini-Cemeteries Available...
One of the most unique features of our cemetery is the way that many of our plots are divided into family managed mini-cemeteries. Families are free to landscape and decorate their own mini-cemetery according to their wishes. So long as certain guidelines are followed. Many families erect fences or walls around their plots, so that all family members are located within.

Find Out More About Purchasing Plots...
Plots are very affordable. $500 per single plot, which is significantly below the price of other cemeteries in our area. To inquire about purchasing one or more plots in our cemetery, complete the form below.


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