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Cemetery Questions & Answers

This page has been created to answer any questions about our cemetery. If you have individual questions regarding family graves, plots, and so forth, please do not hesitate to contact us. 801.987.6318

Who Owns And Manages The Pleasant Green Cemetery
The Pleasant Green Cemetery is owned and managed by The Pleasant Green Development And Preservation Association. This organization was created by the LDS Church in 1983. It is a non-profit volunteer group that is managed by a board of trustees.

Why Is The Cemetery Run As A Non-Profit?

Funerals are a big business in today's world. There is nothing wrong with this. However, we choose to offer an alternative, low cost option to families. Our volunteers help families by allowing them to bury their loved ones the way our ancestors did. Without the mark up and expense of a for-profit business.

How Are Cemetery Funds Spent?
Cemetery funds are spent on property taxes, utilities, maintaining equipment, and on improvements. These expenses are overseen by the board of trustees, which meets annualy to look over and approve budgets and expenses.

Why Are There No Elected Positions To The Board of Trustees?
The cemetery is not a public entity. It is a privately owned and operated non-profit. We love and appreciate public support and feedback. However, we believe it is in the best interest of the cemetery to protect it from the whims of political forces.

Board members are selected from among individuals whose families are buried in the cemetery. Individuals who work in the death industry are specifically barred from serving.

By only allowing family members of those who are buried in the cemetery to serve on the board, we insure that its legacy and heratige are preserved for future generations.

From time to time, outside forces inquire about how they might have influence over the direction and management of the cemetery. Our best advice is to come volunteer. When new board positions open up, they are generally filled by individuals who have spent many hours volunteering in behalf of the cemetery.

In order to protect the cemetery from outside influence, no board members will be appointed, who have not spend many hours working towards her betterment.

How Often Are New Board Members Appointed?
Some appointments are lifelong, while others serve a term of ten years. Whenever a position is vacated the current board of trustees recommends and appoints a replacement from individuals who have been volunteering, and who have family members buried in the cemetery?

Can I View / Access Burial Records?
Absolutely! Click on the Locate Burials link in the upper lefthand corner of this page.

How Are Deeds Recorded?
Deeds for graves are recorded in multiple digital and paper files. A copy of a deed is also mailed to individuals who purchase a new burial plot.

  • Digital Copies
    A digital copy of all deeds is stored in pdf format on a cemetery harddrive. This harddrive is backed up regularly onto another harddrive. These digital pdf files are created within 30 days of a new plot being purchased.

    A third digital record is created using the State of Utah's cemetery record keeping software. This is stored on a local computer, and also backed up to the Names In Stone servers.

  • Paper Copy
    A paper copy of all deeds is printed, signed, impressed, and then stored in a filing cabient.

    A second paper copy of each deed is mailed to the owner of the burial rights of a plot.

Can I Get A Copy of My Deed?
Absolutely. Please call, email, or write, and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of a deed. Proof of ownership will be required.

Can I Volunteer?

Please do. We thrive on the thousands of volunteer hours that are given in behalf of the cemetery. Each year we organize 10-12 volunteer days. These are generally posted on our calendar in March or April, as approved by the Board of Trustees.

To volunteer any other day, please call us, and we can make individual arrangements.

I Have Additional Questions
We would love to talk to you, and answer any additional questions that you have. Please feel free to call us anytime. 801.987.6318

Cemetery Bylaws
Click Here To Read The Cemetery Bylaws

Please keep in mind that we are volunteers. While generally we do respond to phone calls within 24 hours, sometimes it can take as long as a week. We will however respond.


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