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Cemtery In Magna Utah
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  Volunteering At Our Cemetery...
We depend on our wonderful volunteers to maintain and beautify our cemetery. Those desiring to participate should contact the cemetery at 801-987-6318.

Current Projects
We have a number of projects that we are currently working on with our volunteers. These include cleaning up old forgotten plots, gathering deteriorated silk flowers, weeding, construction of various projects, expanding our water system, and security.

Many Scout Eagle Projects Available
We have identified a number of Eagle Scout projects that are ready for your scout to complete. Projects that will help preserve our grounds, while also allowing your boys to be apart of the community's history.


Our biggest need right now is in the area of security. To this end we have established a Cemetery Watch Program to patrol and protect our sacred grounds. As a board and community we are working very hard to move the cemetery forward with constant improvements. It is imperative that these improvements not be damaged or destroyed by careless individuals. Without proper security, other upgrades and improvements simply are not possible or sensible.

Those wishing to serve on the Cemetery Watch should contact the cemetery at the number displayed above.

All Service Projects Must Be Approved
All service projects being completed on our grounds
must receive prior approval by the Board of Trustees. The only exceptions are family groups working on basic maintenance and care for their own lots. Families making dramatic changes, such as adding borders, etc must also receive prior approval.


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